The “Wednesday” Viral Dance Trend was Perfectly Recreated by North West

As is the case with everyone else, North West enjoys Wednesday Addams. Recently, the young TikTok legend joined in on the Addams family fun by taking part in a viral dance craze motivated by Netflix’s Wednesday.
Wednesday’s formal Netflix launch earlier this month served as the catalyst for the trend. Jenna Ortega plays the lead in the series, which has become a worldwide phenomenon and encourages viewers to embrace their inner misfit. Even while the video analyses of Wednesday’s fashion are interesting to watch, one particular dancing sequence has gained particular attention from admirers.
The goth icon debuts an enormous routine at a Nevermore Academy event in the dance, which is seen in Wednesday’s fourth episode. It’s an iconic moment, and since then, TikTok fans have tried (and succeeded) to replicate the dance.
Millions of people have seen videos of individuals imitating every action made by Wednesday, and North West is the most recent participant. North begins in color for her unique interpretation on the style. After a brief period of time where she is singing along to Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary,” the color fades away and North is seen in a sparkly, black-and-white filter.
North’s look has changed as a result of the transformation. She has bangs that resemble Wednesday’s characteristic style and braided hair that was previously pulled back behind her ear. It also appears as though she changed her makeup, as evidenced by her smoky eye and darkened lips.
As she steps back from the camera, North starts to imitate some of Wednesday’s actions. She continues to sing along while clapping her hands and dancing. North looks into the camera as the video comes to a close. Wednesday, Addams, was the caption she gave the video.
It’s not entirely shocking that North has joined the bandwagon given her standing as an unofficial TikTok specialist. Her previous most popular videos featured many makeovers for her mother, Kim Kardashian, as well as an approachable view of math class.
Celebrities other than North have expressed their admiration for Wednesday. Recently, Lady Gaga tweeted her support for the show with the message, “Slay Wednesday! You are always welcome to Haus of Gaga (and feel free to bring Thing along;

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