By 2030, NYC Will Switch 100 Public Schools That Now Use Gasoline To Electricity.

As part of an attempt to meet the emissions reduction requirements imposed by municipal law, New York City will invest billions of dollars to convert 100 fuel-burning public school buildings to greener energy by 2030, Mayor Eric Adams stated Friday.
In order to implement a plan that involves renovating 100 school buildings so they no longer use fossil fuels for heating, the city will invest almost $4 billion over the following seven years. This change will assist the city in complying with Local Law 97, which establishes greenhouse gas emission restrictions that structures must follow beginning in 2024.
A separate 2021 city rule that virtually forbids gas in new construction beginning in 2024 will be somewhat advanced by Adams’ announcement that every new school building, including those now under construction, will be entirely electric. According to the rule, all newly built public schools must be fossil fuel free by 2025.
Adams stated Friday during a news conference in P.S. 5 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, which would be the first to get adapted under the new plan, “Every New York City school we build going ahead will be totally electrified.” “Stop using boilers, burning unhealthy fuel, and causing asthma.”
According to Adams, all 100 of the current schools that will have their heating systems updated and boilers removed are situated in areas with high asthma rates. Black and Latino children in New York City are disproportionately affected by asthma, which is caused by pollutants released during the burning of heating fuels.

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