Travis Kelce of the Chiefs describes his back issue and therapy.

MO.’S KANSAS CITY — The AFC Championship game on Sunday was played with at least two Kansas City Chiefs studs playing despite serious injuries.
Patrick Mahomes gave the Chiefs’ training staff credit for helping him recover from an injured ankle and come back in the game. As it turns out, Travis Kelce was being treated at the same time by the personnel.
On the most recent edition of his “New Heights” podcast, Kelce and brother Jason discussed how they hurt their backs.
“It occurred on the next-to-last play of Friday’s practice. I believe that practicing wore me down a little bit over the course of the week. In the days leading up to my final period, I was also hungry. When I moved the wrong direction at the wrong angle, everything felt fantastic, but then Kelce exclaimed, “My back just locked up and heated up.

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