The Christmas 2022 Message From Fr. John Dunlap

I really rejoice in wishing a Merry Christmas to everyone of the Vatican radio listeners.
We are in difficult times marked by several crises and catastrophes playing out in various parts of the globe. But let us not forget that the most powerful message of hope is the birth of Jesus. Christmas marks the start of a brand-new year for everyone on earth. At the essence of Christmas is the notion that God is with us always. We treasure this opportunity to show one another compassion and to share our faith and optimism.
One of the oldest Catholic religious institutions, the Order of Malta, has been carrying out this mission for ten centuries. We provide assistance and support to those who most require it. We provide assistance and first aid both in metropolitan areas and in active war zones. We assist the poor and the needy by offering medical care and social services, never ignoring spiritual as well as physical needs. In impoverished socioeconomic circumstances throughout six continents, we care for the ill and offer comfort. Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum, the Order of Malta’s 900-year-old motto, which means “witnessing the faith and assisting the destitute and ill,” is more relevant than ever.
I extend you and your families my very best wishes for a happy and holy Christmas.

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