The Bills Are Comforted By Damar Hamlin’s Return To Buffalo As They Prepare For The AFC Playoffs.

On Monday, there were many happy faces at the One Bills Drive building, and for good cause. Damar Hamlin was given the all-clear by doctors at University of Cincinnati Health to travel back to Buffalo on Monday and be sent to a hospital there.
Hamlin landed in Buffalo without incident, where he is now being treated. However, his return home is only the latest chapter in what has been a picture-perfect weekend for him on the road to recovery.
“What a blessing, what great care he has had both in Cincinnati and now here, what incredible growth he has made. Thus, we just want to express our gratitude “Sean McDermott, head coach of the Bills, remarked. Simply thankful that Damar is back and recuperating in Buffalo.
When Hamlin arrived in Buffalo earlier in the day, McDermott visited him for a brief period of time and gave him an update on his condition.
He said that despite being quite exhausted, Hamlin appeared delighted to be back in Buffalo and in his usual surroundings.
Over the last week, Bills players have shared their joy as they have received consistently improved news regarding Hamlin’s recovery since last Wednesday night. They couldn’t wait to reunite with their teammate for another embrace, which was their overriding emotion.

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