Read your way to Christmas with the Short Story Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar of Short Stories will help you read your. There are many different ways to count down the days until Christmas, including craft beer, amusing socks, and flavorless chocolate. What about stories, though? The Short Story Advent Calendar, a creation of the Alberta publisher Hingston & Olsen, is based on this simple notion. A literary countdown from December 1 to Christmas with one short tale to mark each day.In advance of the holidays, short story box sets have begun to appear on store shelves. They include tales that might not be seen as typical Christmas fare, including tales of surprise and awe as well as sorrowful tales of the oppressed.

According to Michael Hingston, one half of the writing duo Hingston & Olsen, “When I’m picking stories, I want to mix the diverse genres and stories that talk to each other.” “I particularly enjoy unconventional formats. a narrative that doesn’t follow a traditional structure and that twists or progresses in a compelling way. With the advent calendar, we occasionally pitch a surprise. I want to be certain that what we are giving is worthwhile in terms of both time and money.

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