Following The Victory In Overtime, Andy Reid Supports Patrick Mahomes As The MVP.

Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the 1-12-1 Houston Texans required overtime, as both teams relied heavily on quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ output.
Mahomes had a season-high plus-10.3 completion % over expectation and completed a staggering 20 consecutive passes to win the game in Houston, completing 36 of his 41 throw attempts. Mahomes’s 87.8% completion rate was his highest in a full game at any time in his career, only missing a 10-for-11 performance from a half game back in 2019. He consistently carved apart the Texans’ defense all day thanks to his accuracy.
Isiah Pacheco’s fumbles and JuJu Smith-interceptions, Schuster’s along with some subpar offensive linework, made things worse for Mahomes. However, despite everything, the NFL MVP for the 2018–19 season strengthened his already strong case for winning this year. Coach Andy Reid concurs, complimenting Mahomes for recovering from a poor performance and endorsing him as the league’s most valuable player this year.
Reid remarked, “You watched Pat and what he did – he took care of business today. “He worked on it when he returned to his job. You’re talking about a player, and I’m not sure what’s wrong with that if he isn’t the league’s MVP. He cleaned it up, and when he leaves, our offense had gained about 500 yards. There, the day is very stunning. That’s what he did, and it’s a terrific illustration of how to start again and make sure that everything is cleaned up.”
Mahomes lead the league in passing yards, touchdowns, and QBR going into Sunday’s game. His case for the NFL’s top individual honor is aided by a 336-yard, two-touchdown performance in Houston as well as a crucial fourth-quarter touchdown run that gave the club the lead (before it was ultimately squandered). Mahomes has had many MVP-caliber performances this season, but his overall performance against the Texans was exceptional.
Mahomes has thrown at least 35 touchdown passes for the Chiefs for the fourth time in his five seasons as their starting quarterback. He joins the foursome of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees as the fifth player in league history to accomplish this feat, placing him in extremely prestigious company. Mahomes is still fundamentally the same player he was in the past, but he is developing new aspects of his game. Following the victory in Week 15, Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt praised Mahomes, describing him as the finest quarterback in football

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